Participant Feedback

PEP 2013(2)From PEP Participants:

“I feel I can conquer anything. It wasn’t long ago when I had no goals and no ambition and now I’m so inspired. PEP has given me that push or that motivation.” (inmate)

“I’ve learned to talk more effectively using ‘I feel’ and ‘I think,’ etc. I’ve been able to open up more than I expected.” (inmate)

“I now want to be a better mother and talk instead of yell and instill values in my son.” (teen)

“It’s improved my parenting skills, problem solving skills. Since then I’ve moved out on my own and got a car.”

“I’m a good Mom. I’m a good listener. I give good advice and I’m able to recognize other people’s needs.”

“PEP helped me to give to others and back to our community in some new and unique ways, which was truly a blessing. I was glad to be a participant and in PEP that means being active.”

From PEP Facilitators:bg_main

“Working with PEP and UConn Extension has given me the opportunity to see the life behind the statistics and research I was immersed in while a graduate student at UConn. I have been fortunate to work with intelligent women who have conquered fear and hopelessness to make changes in their lives.”

“I got to make a difference in people’s lives. I gave them tools to make a difference in their lives and in their families.”

“I find it very rewarding to watch the women in prison who are enhancing their skills to give back to the community.”

From Collaborators About PEP Training:

“There was a good balance between interactive activities and processing activities.”

“PEP is a pretty dynamic program. The UConn Extension Educator is a good facilitator. I appreciate her cultural sensitivity and her understanding of minority groups and how they may parent differently and have different values.”

 More Quotes:
“I love the “I Statement” because it gets the point across.”; “I never knew that I have the power.”
“I think of other people as individuals not stereotypes.”; ” PEP brought out the best of us.”
“It is a social accomplishment.”; ”PEP helps us to be considerate of other people’s development.”
“Words mean something, learn how to communicate.”; ”Don’t speak about it, be about it.”
“Be a leader and a teacher.”; ”Be empowered for your kids.”; “Be a spokesperson for your kids.”