PEP graduation sponsored by Family Life Education, the Institute for Hispanic Families, & Catholic Charities

people holding their certificates  graduate posing for photos  

 Bridgeport PEP graduation & their Community Project


 Bristol Public Schools PEP graduation


 East Hartford Public Schools PEP graduation


 Waterbury PEP graduation


 United Way of WCC Plymouth FRC Graduation


 Meriden Children First Graduation

  Meriden Grad Jan 2017 6  Meriden Grad Jan 2017 38  Meriden Grad Jan 2017 34  Meriden Grad Jan 2017 24  Meriden Grad Jan 2017 18  Meriden Grad Jan 2017 30  Meriden Grad Jan 2017 25  Meriden Grad Jan 2017 28


 AFCAMP Hartford Graduations

  20160602_135858  20160602_131636 - Copy  20160602_135956  20160602_130441  20160602_134409 - Copy              

 Family Life Education Hartford Graduation

  Family Life Educ graduation 10  Family Life Educ graduation1  Family Life Educ 2  Family Life Educ 4   Family Life Educ graduation 5  Family Life Educ graduation 6        

 Girls for Technology Hartford

  Girls for Tech 5  Girls for Tech 7  Girls for Tech grad 1  Girls for Tech grad 2  Girsl for Tech grad 4

 Manchester Public Schools Graduations

  Manchester PS graduation3  Manchester PS graduation4  Manchester PS6  Manchester PS9  Manchester PS graduation1              

 Danbury Children First Graduation

 Danbury Families Network of Western CT Graduation

  Danbury Children First 5  Danbury Children First graduation 17  Danbury Children First graduation 12  Danbury Children First graduation 11  Danbury Children First graduatin 16  Danbury Children First graduation 7  Danbury Children First graduation 3                          

 Hartford Catholic Charities Graduations

  CatholicCharities graduation 2  CatholicCharities graduation 6  CatholicCharities graduation 7                        

 Meriden, Bloomfield, and Putnam Graduation

PEP Bloomfield graduation  PEP graduation Bloomfield certificates  PEP Meriden graduation  PEP Meriden graduation  PEP Meriden graduation 1          

 Enfield KITE Program Graduations

           Enfield PEP graduation  CAM04777 - Copy  Enfield PEP graduation  Enfield PEP graduation        

Mansfield Graduation

PEP graduation  Mansfield PEP graduation  Mansfield PEP graduation  Mansfield PEP graduation

 Greenwich and Plymouth Graduation

PEP project Keys for Kindness  PEP Plymouth graduation  PEP Plymouth graduation  PEP program  PEP program participants

 New Haven Teach Our Children Graduation

Teach Our Children PEP graduation  Teach Our Children PEP graduation  PEP invitation  Teach Our Children grad 2014 6

 Windham, CT and Worcester, MA Graduations

Windham PEP graduates  West Hartford graduation  Worcester MA PEP graduation  Worcester MA PEP graduation  Worcester MA PEP graduation  Torrington PEP graduation

 West Hartford PEP Graduations

         PEPSTERS, PEP program in West Hartord  Robin Drago, PEP trainer & Nicole Vitale, SERC  Domestic Violence PEP project bracelets  20160603_101358            

 Wethersfield PEP Graduation


PEP Facilitator Training

                           PEP Miami Fac training  PEP Fac training activity  PEP Miami Fac training  PEP Fac training  PEP Fac training activity  PEP Fac training attendees  PEP Facilitator training  PEP Facilitator training attendees  PEP Facilitator training  PEP Facilitator training attendee  PEP refresher  PEP Fac training

PEP Projects and more…

danbury-pep-project  danbury-projects-2  danbury-projects  PEP graduation cake   PEP community roject  PEP community project  PEP community project  PEP participants  Cheryl Czuba PEP  cathy love  PEP graduation  Robin Drago  PEP graduation  Meeting on PEP   PEP graduation   uconn pep speech

concerned-african-women-2017  concerned-african-women-miami-fl-1  concerned-african-women-miami-fl