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The UConn People Empowering People Program is an innovative personal, family, and civic leadership development program with a strong community focus.

UConn Extension PEP Communities Program

The UConn PEP Communities Program is for adults and older teens. The program is designed to build on the unique strengths and life experiences of the participants and emphasizes the connection between individual and community action.

Because the UConn PEP Communities Program is adaptable to a variety of settings, the program is offered throughout the state in schools, at family resource centers, community agencies, and faith-based communities.

UConn Extension PEPCI (PEP at Correctional Institutions) Program

For over twenty years, UConn Extension has partnered with the Department of Corrections to offer the UConn People Empowering People Program at Correctional Institutions (UConn PEPCI). UConn PEPCI is a personal and family leadership program modeled after the community UConn People Empowering People (UConn PEP Communities Program) and focuses on keeping people from returning to prison.

The program encourages inmates to be self-reflective and to draw on their unique strengths, life experiences, and capacities. UConn PEPCI volunteers create conditions for offenders to develop the willingness and ability to take responsibility for their lives and become empowered.

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